Some Changes Around Here!

Good morning! 🙂

Yesterday I decided that I needed to take my old blog “theteenagequilter” and change it. For one I am not a teenager anymore and I felt like I needed to try blogging again. 🙂 I have been quilting up a storm lately and following some awesome bloggers and I wanted a place where I could connect and post about anything! Not just quilting, but what I am reading…my running, my family and best of all what I am learning about God at the moment. I had another blog at blog spot but I felt too constrained by the theme…..I posted a lot of thoughtful things on there. Yesterday when I read through all the things I had posted especially all the quilting things I had posted I wanted to try again! So here I am back……same girl…just different blog name and theme. 🙂

I hope you enjoy!



New Shoes!

Yesterday I was delighted when my boss let me off early.

I had been planning ahead in my mind when I would be able to go get new running shoes and the time had not been opening up. Well at least any time soon.

Until I was let off early.

I had heard of a good running store by a running friend of mine so I pulled out my gps and headed down to the cities.

I wanted to get fitted again. I had been fitted several years ago in Lincoln Nebraska but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that I was in the right shoe.

I walked out of that store with the exact pair of running shoes I had on my feet.

I have Saucony’s Omni Progrid 9 for stability. Apparently I don’t pronate at all but I have flat feet so I need the stability in case when my feet get tired they start pronating.

Even though I walked out with the same shoe I had to take pictures before I tried them out on a run.

This was the first time I think I have ever used the timer on my camera. Can you tell?

Oh and last night while my family was watching the Huskers football game I was able to work on my quilt.

See the smilie face? 🙂

Inch by Inch…Bag by Bag

I had another day off from work today.(woo hoo!!!)

So for part of the day I worked on my Amazon Star.

Its coming along!

Bag #1 is complete!!

And this is what bag #1 looks like laid out.

Looking at this makes me excited to see the whole quilt!

But I have to finish 9 other bags before that can become reality.

I barely got into bag #2 today……but I will get there….its just gonna take awhile….

inch by inch

seam by seam

bag by bag

will make a whole quilt!

Thanks for reading


Teaching Time!!

Yesterday I was able to get some sewing time in.

No, I didn’t work on my Amazon Star.

And actually I didn’t really even get to sew. Lets say I was sewing vicariously. Isn’t that what teaching is all about anyway? 🙂

One of my friends was visiting from Pennsylvania. I only get to see her once a year and she asked me if I could teach her how to quilt.

We didn’t have much time cause she is leaving tomorrow. *sniff* *sniff*

So I told her I could help her make a bag to take home.

This was her first time ever using a sewing machine.

Finished product!!!!

And next week I have another teaching session with her cousin.

I don’t have to wait a year to see her.


Adventure? Challenge……yeah right!!!!

Look at what I brought home today!!! 🙂

That’s a good thing right? hm…well yeah normally it would be a good thing if you didn’t know the fabric is destined for.

For all you know it could be Terri Atkinson’s Yellow Brick Road

or a simple log cabin.

or even the start of my stash.

I wish it was that simple.

This yummy fabric isn’t for an easy make-in-a-weekend sort of project.

I must ask myself, “Are any of my projects that simple?”

I seriously think I have a disease. Or a really weird magnet. Cause I am always drawn toward the most difficult quilt I can find. I can’t do the simple ones…..its not in my genetic makeup. Oh sure…I do make simple quilts…..many of them…but I think I subconsciously save those for when I really need a break, like a marathoner who needs a rest after a long race.  When I was fourteen I started a double wedding ring. I finished it when I was seventeen. Last December I made a whole Block of the Month in 3 weeks.

Apparently my magnet are telling me its time to dive into another challenge quilt again.

Please don’t laugh..or faint…or roll your eyes..I really need you to stay around here to give me support as I make this quilt. I honestly was contemplating not going through with this quilt. But I told myself that it’s a challenge. If I want to become a better quilter I must challenge myself.

Learning and growing hurts…..

Believe me I am already feeling the pain! It took me and my coworker 3 hours today to pick this quilt out. (by the way I was not officially “working”…its kinda impossible for me to shop at work…I must come on special days to shop. )

And apparently according to the instructions the key to this quilt is ORGANIZATION.

Ok people!! I am not organized!!! (breath in….breath out)

See this is part of my growing/learning process.

Look!!! I can be organized….I am learning!!! (we will see how long it lasts)

I will keep you posted on how this quilt is going and how well I am growing.

But if you ever see a post with just this picture

You will know that the quilt is really driving me up the wall. (oh and yes…ironically my double wedding ring is in the background)

Terrain!!! :D

My life has been hectic (nothing new huh?) but that’s partly due to the Minnesota Shop Hop! Tons of shop hoppers have stopped by the shop I work at so I have had little time at home…but its been really fun!! 😀

Anyway...Kate Spain’s new line Terrain came in yesterday!!

So far we just have the charm packs but still I couldn’t resist taking two home….not sure what I am going to do yet….thinking of designing a block for it…hmm…I love precuts..they get my creativity rolling!! 😀

Fourth of July!

Fourth of July!

Posted on July 4, 2011 by Jess

As I look toward my left I can look out a window that is pointed toward the outside world

A world that is very familiar to me but I have lately not been able to enjoy as much as I used to. I am growing up which in my case means being gone from home a lot. So I savor being home so much more!

I have thoroughly enjoyed these past two days I have spent at home with my family. Though according to my standards I haven’t done much. I have filled these two days with reading, sewing(when I should have been quilting a quilt), running, resting, and swimming with my baby brother in the kiddie pool. Don’t laugh……sitting in four inches of water can count as swimming especially since I did some splashing here and there.

Many times in the years past we have gone to Nebraska to celebrate the 4th with a big family get together that involved swimming,(this usually didn’t involve swimming in a kiddie pool) volleyball, homemade ice cream and fire works. I loved having that full day with the family but just being home is so restful in spite today being a holiday.

Tomorrow I will go back to work and jump right back into my busy schedule.

But I will be able to apply myself more vigorously to tasks assigned and hopefully have a better attitude about it than I would if I hadn’t had these past two days at home.

Have a Blessed 4th!!!!