Thoughts for a New Year 

As I walk through my life, this new wife, new mother life. As the days aproach 2018, three words have been swirling in my head, like a gentle snow blown by a soft wind. 


SAVOUR Christ. 

SAVOUR the cross.

SAVOUR your forgivenness, your justification and daily sanctification worked out by Jesus in you

SAVOUR the grace poured out daily for you when you can’t even give grace to yourself.  

Then look up and 


SEE the people….

SEE God’s image bearers. 

       Fulfill your name..




Ignore subtle hints of what this person’s motive might be or what evil intent that other person might have….and just

 SEE them…human being…

Sit down and listen, ask questions…

 SEE them, beautiful, messy, needy of grace just as you are. 


SURRENDER your need to earn God’s favour and rest that it’s already yours

SURRENDER your son to his heavenly Father. 

SURRENDER the hope of a clean house, leave that anxiety when things don’t get done and rest in the Savior….

SURRENDER the hope in money, things, time to yourself, and hope in Christ…

SURRENDER the hope of a perfect Instagram, worthy body and give thanks for the beautiful, mother marked temple. 

SURRENDER, lay down your defenses and trust…….

These arent resolutions.  Those tend to end up failures or another tick on the list of my self righteousness. 

Instead they are prayers….knowing that they aren’t even my own ideas with out my Saviour in me. 

So as I enter the new year, I will pray…

Pray these prayers listed above….and rest in the fact that God holds me.


Hump Day!!!

On Wednesdays, we always ask my little brother Carson, “What day is it?”. He goes through a couple different guesses……and he will tell us three descriptions of what Wednesday is….in his world, Wednesday is bath day, church day, and hUUUUUmp Day! (read it like that camel in the commercial) So today is Wednesday…..hump day. If you want to see some stinkin’ cute pictures of my sassy little brother, head over to my sister Hannah’s blog
I just about died with how cute the pictures were. Really I did!

I just want to warn everyone now that I am really bad at blogging…….I do it for awhile but then I stop… hope and pray with me that I will keep going! This time is different though….I have a word document with ideas for future blog posts! Yay!

Also because its Wednesday that also means its work in progress Wednesday!!!

Here are some of my projects that are in progress…..just so you know this is just some of them…. I am always starting new ones and always working on old ones.


Started this last night. Its been awhile since I have worked with wool. Excited to show you more pictures as  the project progresses!

New Shoes!

Yesterday I was delighted when my boss let me off early.

I had been planning ahead in my mind when I would be able to go get new running shoes and the time had not been opening up. Well at least any time soon.

Until I was let off early.

I had heard of a good running store by a running friend of mine so I pulled out my gps and headed down to the cities.

I wanted to get fitted again. I had been fitted several years ago in Lincoln Nebraska but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that I was in the right shoe.

I walked out of that store with the exact pair of running shoes I had on my feet.

I have Saucony’s Omni Progrid 9 for stability. Apparently I don’t pronate at all but I have flat feet so I need the stability in case when my feet get tired they start pronating.

Even though I walked out with the same shoe I had to take pictures before I tried them out on a run.

This was the first time I think I have ever used the timer on my camera. Can you tell?

Oh and last night while my family was watching the Huskers football game I was able to work on my quilt.

See the smilie face? 🙂

My Memorial (wait..I mean Labor) Day Weekend

As I look back over this past weekend I sigh a happy sigh.

I am not gonna lie. It had its rough spots. My days aren’t perfect by any means.

But it was a wonderful weekend nevertheless.

My boss let me off work early. (this is my one year anniversary working there by the way)

And I spontaneously decided to go quilt shop hopping.

I got to three shops.(not including the one I work at…that doesn’t count)

I found these at Millie P‘s. I was so excited to bring them home and add them to my collection of Riley Blake fat quarters, that while waiting for the evening church service to start I had to take a peek at them.

My sister sitting next to me was quite weirded out by my obsessive pleasure. I don’t think she understood my joy.

I don’t think any of my family except my quilter mom really understood.

I don’t think I would either if I were them and saw my oldest sister walking around the house with this in her hands.

I am planning to make Terry Atkinson’s Shadow Song out of it. I just need four more fat quarters. So close!! 😀

My plan is to keep this quilt on the back burner until I am so fed up with the Amazon Star that I am ready to chuck it. These fat quarters and an easy pattern will be great therapy.

For now I will just take them out when I need a smile or some bright color.

On Sunday my family harvested and processed the corn from our garden. I was hoping to get something done on my Amazon Star.

I had started cutting it out days before and hadn’t had the time to touch it since. But it was not to be.

I spent the day with my family. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. I was keeping busy, but was off my feet for most of the time. And it was just enjoyable to be home. I really can’t describe it. All my life I have lived at home. Because I was homeschooled I was home most of the time. Now that I work I am rarely home. Home is my comfort zone. It has its worries and struggles but it is the place where I know that I can crash.

So it was very enjoyable just to be home and to be back into my old routine.

Today was similar in that we worked in the garden.

Digging potatoes.

Potatoes don’t take as long as corn does so this afternoon I was able to carve out some time for my Amazon Star!!

I finished cutting!!!

Look at that mountain of leftovers.

I am really glad that I saved them.

I have had to dig through them already.

I have a feeling that it will take me awhile to get used to this paper piecing business.

But I got three pieces done for the center star!!!


Only five more to go!!

I think I will like this quilt better than my double wedding ring. The wedding ring was a lot of repetition. This quilt has that, but has enough variety to keep me interested.

This Memorial Labor day(I don’t know why I have been calling this holiday that….maybe I am wishing that summer isn’t coming to an end.) is over.

Tomorrow  you will find me back at work.

I think I will enjoy my day more fully.

I don’t think I would have without the break.

Thanks for reading




Tagging Along

Today, instead of heading to work at the quilt shop

I headed to the Twins Cities with some friends.

We had business to take care of.

Something that needed to be done.

Three of my guy friends have started a band.

My wonderful sister Hannah was enlisted to take their band photos.

One of my girlfriends was the wardrobe coordinator

and…I was the driver….

Amazingly it went off without a hitch…..

We got there and back safe and sound,

All three band members clothing coordinated (with some help from us….and not with out much laughter I might add)

Hannah got tons of pictures.(we actually based when we should stop by how many pictures she had taken… ended up being around 300)

All in all it was a good day….all of us enjoyed ourselves…..and I know for myself personally we were able set aside a lot of time for good old fashioned laughter. 🙂

Teaching Time!!

Yesterday I was able to get some sewing time in.

No, I didn’t work on my Amazon Star.

And actually I didn’t really even get to sew. Lets say I was sewing vicariously. Isn’t that what teaching is all about anyway? 🙂

One of my friends was visiting from Pennsylvania. I only get to see her once a year and she asked me if I could teach her how to quilt.

We didn’t have much time cause she is leaving tomorrow. *sniff* *sniff*

So I told her I could help her make a bag to take home.

This was her first time ever using a sewing machine.

Finished product!!!!

And next week I have another teaching session with her cousin.

I don’t have to wait a year to see her.


Fourth of July!

Fourth of July!

Posted on July 4, 2011 by Jess

As I look toward my left I can look out a window that is pointed toward the outside world

A world that is very familiar to me but I have lately not been able to enjoy as much as I used to. I am growing up which in my case means being gone from home a lot. So I savor being home so much more!

I have thoroughly enjoyed these past two days I have spent at home with my family. Though according to my standards I haven’t done much. I have filled these two days with reading, sewing(when I should have been quilting a quilt), running, resting, and swimming with my baby brother in the kiddie pool. Don’t laugh……sitting in four inches of water can count as swimming especially since I did some splashing here and there.

Many times in the years past we have gone to Nebraska to celebrate the 4th with a big family get together that involved swimming,(this usually didn’t involve swimming in a kiddie pool) volleyball, homemade ice cream and fire works. I loved having that full day with the family but just being home is so restful in spite today being a holiday.

Tomorrow I will go back to work and jump right back into my busy schedule.

But I will be able to apply myself more vigorously to tasks assigned and hopefully have a better attitude about it than I would if I hadn’t had these past two days at home.

Have a Blessed 4th!!!!