New Shoes!

Yesterday I was delighted when my boss let me off early.

I had been planning ahead in my mind when I would be able to go get new running shoes and the time had not been opening up. Well at least any time soon.

Until I was let off early.

I had heard of a good running store by a running friend of mine so I pulled out my gps and headed down to the cities.

I wanted to get fitted again. I had been fitted several years ago in Lincoln Nebraska but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that I was in the right shoe.

I walked out of that store with the exact pair of running shoes I had on my feet.

I have Saucony’s Omni Progrid 9 for stability. Apparently I don’t pronate at all but I have flat feet so I need the stability in case when my feet get tired they start pronating.

Even though I walked out with the same shoe I had to take pictures before I tried them out on a run.

This was the first time I think I have ever used the timer on my camera. Can you tell?

Oh and last night while my family was watching the Huskers football game I was able to work on my quilt.

See the smilie face? ๐Ÿ™‚



I have a problem

I love fabric way to much

I think it’s become an obsession.

Cause I can’t resist bring fabric home even though I don’t have time to sew it up!

It’s just so pretty to look at though I don’t know if I have the heart to cut it up!

Like the charm packs I brought home yesterday.

I don’t have a purpose for them.


But I am coming up with ideas for these lovelies!!!

If I only had the time!!!

I need to keep working on the Amazon Star.

I did make some progress ๐Ÿ™‚

I keep telling myself that I can’t touch other stuff until this big one is done…


Well I guess you know where I am gonna be today..

Can you hear my sewing machine humming?

Hmm..I can’t either…to bad it doesn’t run by itself..

Thanks for reading!!!



Last night as I was finishing some last minute things at work, I started thinking about a class that was happening the following night.

Then I started going through in my head all the women that I knew who were gonna be there. As I did that I started to think about all the fun I could have and all the laughter that was bound to occur.

So on a spontaneous spur of the moment, I decided to stay at the quilt shop after work and sew on my Amazon Star.

We did have a lot of laughter. It has been a little awkward for me at first though when I go to sew at stuff like this because I really start to feel my age.

Or should I say lack of it.

When I am just working the floor, I don’t even think about my age compared to all the customers I help. But when I sit and sew with them and they get to talking I suddenly realize how different their stage of life is from mine. I find myself hearing them talk about their daughter or granddaughter who is just going off to college or graduating from high-school.

And I think, “Wow, I am the same age as their granddaughter. I wonder what they think of me, just a young pup and quilting with them!”

So I find myself focusing on my quilting and not really socializing. Maybe its cause I don’t go to these types of things very often. But I know I want to!! I got so much sewing done tonight!

I got all the strips pieced for the star point. (bag #2 is slowly getting there!)

I just had to lay it out for picture. When I did I found that I had made an oops and will have to rip out. Ick!ย  (I dare you to find it!)

Needless to say that ended my sewing for tonight. When it gets late and I make a mistake I have learned to quit before I either make more mistakes or get so frustrated that I want to chuck the project.

A fellow quilter told me to mark the pile that I need to rip.

Here’s my oops pile.

Looks like I have some ripping to do tomorrow. *Sigh*

~thanks for reading!!


Inch by Inch…Bag by Bag

I had another day off from work today.(woo hoo!!!)

So for part of the day I worked on my Amazon Star.

Its coming along!

Bag #1 is complete!!

And this is what bag #1 looks like laid out.

Looking at this makes me excited to see the whole quilt!

But I have to finish 9 other bags before that can become reality.

I barely got into bag #2 today……but I will get there….its just gonna take awhile….

inch by inch

seam by seam

bag by bag

will make a whole quilt!

Thanks for reading


My Memorial (wait..I mean Labor) Day Weekend

As I look back over this past weekend I sigh a happy sigh.

I am not gonna lie. It had its rough spots. My days aren’t perfect by any means.

But it was a wonderful weekend nevertheless.

My boss let me off work early. (this is my one year anniversary working there by the way)

And I spontaneously decided to go quilt shop hopping.

I got to three shops.(not including the one I work at…that doesn’t count)

I found these at Millie P‘s. I was so excited to bring them home and add them to my collection of Riley Blake fat quarters, that while waiting for the evening church service to start I had to take a peek at them.

My sister sitting next to me was quite weirded out by my obsessive pleasure. I don’t think she understood my joy.

I don’t think any of my family except my quilter mom really understood.

I don’t think I would either if I were them and saw my oldest sister walking around the house with this in her hands.

I am planning to make Terry Atkinson’s Shadow Song out of it. I just need four more fat quarters. So close!! ๐Ÿ˜€

My plan is to keep this quilt on the back burner until I am so fed up with the Amazon Star that I am ready to chuck it. These fat quarters and an easy pattern will be great therapy.

For now I will just take them out when I need a smile or some bright color.

On Sunday my family harvested and processed the corn from our garden. I was hoping to get something done on my Amazon Star.

I had started cutting it out days before and hadn’t had the time to touch it since. But it was not to be.

I spent the day with my family. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. I was keeping busy, but was off my feet for most of the time. And it was just enjoyable to be home. I really can’t describe it. All my life I have lived at home. Because I was homeschooled I was home most of the time. Now that I work I am rarely home. Home is my comfort zone. It has its worries and struggles but it is the place where I know that I can crash.

So it was very enjoyable just to be home and to be back into my old routine.

Today was similar in that we worked in the garden.

Digging potatoes.

Potatoes don’t take as long as corn does so this afternoon I was able to carve out some time for my Amazon Star!!

I finished cutting!!!

Look at that mountain of leftovers.

I am really glad that I saved them.

I have had to dig through them already.

I have a feeling that it will take me awhile to get used to this paper piecing business.

But I got three pieces done for the center star!!!


Only five more to go!!

I think I will like this quilt better than my double wedding ring. The wedding ring was a lot of repetition. This quilt has that, but has enough variety to keep me interested.

This Memorial Labor day(I don’t know why I have been calling this holiday that….maybe I am wishing that summer isn’t coming to an end.) is over.

Tomorrowย  you will find me back at work.

I think I will enjoy my day more fully.

I don’t think I would have without the break.

Thanks for reading




One Little Step at a Time

I was able to work on my Amazon Star again last night.

For some reason I didn’t get overwhelmed. I think it helped to just think about the quilt step by step and not think of how long and how many tears I might shed over this quilt.

Every day life is a lot like that. If we start thinking about how much we have to do today, this week, this month we can get totally overwhelmed and not even have the will power to get through today. I am so glad Jesus told us to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Jesus is able to handle whats gonna happen tomorrow….or even in the next hour.

So last night I just focused on what I could work on during the time that I had.

And guess what? I got all the washing done, and all the paper piecing templates are cut out! I even got to spend awesome time with the family and get a bike ride in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and yes..all the ironing is done too…..the fabric is all pressed and folded ready to be cut out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Adventure? Challenge……yeah right!!!!

Look at what I brought home today!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s a good thing right? hm…well yeah normally it would be a good thing if you didn’t know the fabric is destined for.

For all you know it could be Terri Atkinson’s Yellow Brick Road

or a simple log cabin.

or even the start of my stash.

I wish it was that simple.

This yummy fabric isn’t for an easy make-in-a-weekend sort of project.

I must ask myself, “Are any of my projects that simple?”

I seriously think I have a disease. Or a really weird magnet. Cause I am always drawn toward the most difficult quilt I can find. I can’t do the simple ones…..its not in my genetic makeup. Oh sure…I do make simple quilts…..many of them…but I think I subconsciously save those for when I really need a break, like a marathoner who needs a rest after a long race.ย  When I was fourteen I started a double wedding ring. I finished it when I was seventeen. Last December I made a whole Block of the Month in 3 weeks.

Apparently my magnet are telling me its time to dive into another challenge quilt again.

Please don’t laugh..or faint…or roll your eyes..I really need you to stay around here to give me support as I make this quilt. I honestly was contemplating not going through with this quilt. But I told myself that it’s a challenge. If I want to become a better quilter I must challenge myself.

Learning and growing hurts…..

Believe me I am already feeling the pain! It took me and my coworker 3 hours today to pick this quilt out. (by the way I was not officially “working”…its kinda impossible for me to shop at work…I must come on special days to shop. )

And apparently according to the instructions the key to this quilt is ORGANIZATION.

Ok people!! I am not organized!!! (breath in….breath out)

See this is part of my growing/learning process.

Look!!! I can be organized….I am learning!!! (we will see how long it lasts)

I will keep you posted on how this quilt is going and how well I am growing.

But if you ever see a post with just this picture

You will know that the quilt is really driving me up the wall. (oh and yes…ironically my double wedding ring is in the background)