Even the Little Things

There is a movie that my sisters and I just love.

We love it because it has something for everyone.






Yes, check.

This is also how we introduce it to our friends when we explain it to them.

It usually convinces them. We have gotten at least one or two hooked 🙂

I am sure you have heard of it….my sisters and I are slowly catching up on the “good” adult movie world as we get older.

Knight and Day….a movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Tom Cruise is a secret agent on a mission, and he ends up involving, small town, June (Cameran Diaz) in his quest to complete his dangerous mission.

The whole movie is filled with car chases, plane crashes, witty humor as June, freaks out and can’t take it anymore.

But…I don’t want to give it away….my family says I am notorious for doing that.

I just want to highlight one little scene towards the end and then you should go watch it for yourself.

June, is tied up in a chair, filled with a drug that makes her tell only the truth. She starts describing Roy (Tom Cruise) , saying that he is so thoughtful, getting her to her sister’s wedding on time, making her an omlet.

“Its really the little things, they count so much”.

This quote came to mind,

my hands in soapy water, rejoicing with my friend about about the treat she found for our coffee tomorrow.

Really….that’s what God does for us.

He fills our lives with good things….sometimes we just have to have the eyes to see them…to name them.

A recurring theme he has been giving me over and over.

“Remember the little things Jess, remember the little things.”

This first week in East Asia, hasn’t been much to speak of.

My friend and I have both been tired, sick with colds.

Our days have fallen into a routine, caring for the baby we are nannying.

A slow routine actually, marked by the little things….

Fresh watermelon, cold.

Sipping much needed coffee.

Sitting and looking at the beautiful city lights. Really guys…we have the best view.

Finding movies, we had just talked about wanting to watch.

Laughing with an old friend.

Cheering, when the baby actually decides she wants to eat.

Scones fresh out of the oven.

Finding coffee magnums!!!! 🙂

Making the baby laugh.

Smiling as she learns phrases like “Eeew that’s gross” and “I need it!”

Shrugging our shoulders and throwing up our hands when try as we might, the baby won’t say “Jess” but instead has taken to calling me “Minnie”

Eating dumplings

Cheap Asian deliciousness!

My atm card working….

An unexpected run…refreshing, as I sped off, my legs fairly dancing at the chance to hit the pavement.

Carmel for our apples……even some leftover for our coffee.

Skype calls to family…..

Just sitting and wondering at my good fortune, that I get to be back here….words can’t describe!

Finding large trash bags. (seriously…..all they have is tiny ones!)

Milka Chocolate!!!!!!! 🙂

When you make the choice to see the little things…..to rejoice at each new gift

they just add up, and made  the week a blessed one.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
Jame 1:17


2 thoughts on “Even the Little Things

  1. Oh Jess. I can’t begin to describe the emotions and thoughts I have about you and what you’re doing. Amazement is just one of them. I’m amazed at what you’re doing and the woman you have become. Keep it up. Love you.

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