Airport musings

By Saturday, I am going to get really good at airports.

Currently, I am at an airport for over 12 hours waiting to check into my first flight to east Asia. I will have another almost 20 hr layover before my trip is done.

I have been surrounded by people for the past two weeks. For an introvert as myself this is a nice break, to sit in a coffee shop and just chill. It was beginning to be quite the effort for me to respond nicely to people on my team. Can’t people just stop talking??????

Yet at the same time now that I am alone (as alone as anyone can be in an airport) I find myself narrating in my head.

“Here I am dragging my large awkward duffle bag and rollerboard into the bathroom…I think I shall slide
them underneath the sink. There is no way I can get them into the stall. This is not the America of large handicap stalls.

“I am hungry.

“This coffee shop looks nice.

“no, Jess you can’t cry…..

“I think I shall get some coffee and a muffin…

“Man my duffel bag is heavy….

“My arm hurts…

“Yikes….those squeaking wheels on my duffle bag are obnoxious…..I hope I don’t stand out too much.

“I really hope those wheels decide to squeak if someone tries to steal it while I am on the toliet”

Turns out I do miss people…I think I am just trying to forget it so I don’t cry.

Saying goodbye to your sisters for six months can be quite the ordeal especially when you are trying to hold back tears.

It makes it harder that my sister started to bawl. Hannah….just because I didn’t start to cry doesn’t mean that didn’t I wanted to. I just have to hold myself together ya know? 🙂

You see, I am going to be gone for six months. I left the states to spend some time in Europe to work at a conference. I had a blast assisting at a business conference providing childcare for the attendees. Two of my sisters came and it was very enjoyable to work with them and then tour with them and the rest of the childcare team visiting the local tourist places.

Now I am at the airport (my flight was 12 hours difference from the rest of the team) on the verge of a big adventure.

“What am I gonna be doing?” you ask?

I am going to be  a nanny. Yeah….not maybe what you would think when you think “adventure”

To me though, adventure is different to each individual.

For me flying halfway around the world, by myself and living in Asia is an adventure.

I am excited. I am excited to see what God is going to do in my life as I take care of this little girl. I can already see fruit as I work hard to trust God. There are so many things one can find to worry about while traveling by oneself.

“What if my ticket doesn’t work?”

“What if I lose my passport?”

“….Lord please please help me remember my pin”

“Will I be a target because I am traveling alone?”


Yet the Lord is reminding me in many ways to trust him. I am so thankful that I memorized verses like,

“Cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you”

“I will NEVER leave you or forsake you” (emphasis mine)

“Fear not…for I am with you”

“Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself”

It has been amazing to me to see the growth in my peace level as I meditate and dwell on these verses. His promises never fail people!!!!!!

I probably won’t be able to post this for awhile, so when you read this post, hopefully I won’t be sitting in an airport anymore counting down the….um yeah….how many hours till I get to check my ridiculously clumsy duffle….hey…don’t judge….do you know how much suitcases weigh empty???? This thing allows me to pack more stuff! 🙂

Peace be with you! I will check in later! 🙂


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