School House Tunic

These past couple weeks, I have been working a lot and been sewing up a storm! I am so thankful for my sewing machine can put up with me.

A couple years ago I replaced my Pfaff with a Bernina and my Bernina puts up with my “abuse” a lot better.

One thing it does for me is it continues to keep working when I forget to change the quarter inch foot to an open foot when I am doing a zig zag. I haven’t forgotten very often but when I do….bam there goes a needle.

Worst feeling in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But after changing the needle and taking a break to stop and clean out the bobbin case and of course add a couple drops of oil, it keeps running like new.

One of my finishes that I got done was this School House tunic by Sew Liberated.

School House Tunic

*Photo credit goes to my lovely sister Hannah…to see more of her work head over here.

I had bought the pattern at a quilt shop in Nebraska last fall and I finally found the perfect fabric for it.

I decided to go with a Hoffman batik. I haven’t made clothes in a long time and I had never tried making a dress out of a batik before. But I love the look! You definitely won’t see other people wearing batiks.

One thing I was worried about when making this dress/tunic was the fact that I have rather broad shoulders for my frame. The thing I liked about this pattern is that the pattern writer combined the sizes, because I had one of those problems where you are in one size in the bust but in a different size in the hips and the waist. What a dilemma! This pattern takes that problem out for you and just combines the sizes.

The first day of wearing the garment I did find that the shoulders were a little tight but after the second day the shoulders weren’t that bad at all. Go figure. (it probably has to do with the fact that batiks have a tad bit of stretch to them.)

Also I had a birthday! The day was busy filled with church, a quiz meet and then finally crashing at home to watch the Amazing race.

IMG_20140302_171737My littlest bro decided it was his job to guard my presents. He did a good job too!

IMG_20140302_214104Here are a sampling of some of my favorites!!!!!

I haven’t had too much time to look at them but they make me so happy to look at all the pictures! Thanks Mom!

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