Snuggle Quilt

The past week Minnesota has been dumped on. I got a snow day on Monday, Thursday and now today!

On days like this I like to pull out a quilt and curl up with some hand sewing or a new book.

My favorite quilt that I like to curl up with is this quilt that I designed a couple years ago. I haven’t done much designing but that year for my birthday I got a Hoffman Bali pop and it was like inspiration hit.

Ya know how in the cartoons when the lightbulb appears over someone’s head…yup that was me.

I knew that I wanted to put applique flowers in the quilt, so I started doodling and came up with a flowered block.

The quilt sat in my Unfinished pile for several years, but this winter I decided to finish it!

To pamper myself I decided to put cuddle on the back.


(don’t you just love the cute dog in the back???? yup..that’s our lovely farm version of the Bichon Frise)

I was a little worried about quilting such a large quilt with Cuddle but it didn’t end up being that bad.

I just pinned the life out of it, and used a Supreme Slider for the bed of my machine when I quilted. The Supreme Slider made such a huge difference!

I have quilted two other quilts before with cuddle, a baby blanket and a lap quilt and I remember just having trouble with it gliding on the machine.The Supreme Slider helped a ton!

After the quilting was done, I found that I had made the best decision ever!

The cuddle was so soft I couldn’t wait to put the binding one before I used it!

Now I use it all the time, it is my t.v. movie quilt, my snuggle quilt, and in the mornings my Jesus quilt when I pull out my Inductive Study Bible and dive into God’s word.

2014-02-06 22.27.41

(here is my quilt along with my Bible Study bag. It is Amy Butler’s Sunday sling. Love it!)

One thing I learned while making this quilt is that Cuddle is kinda like carpet.

It has nap. If you run your hand along it one way it will be a lighter color and if you run your hand the opposite direction it gets darker.

And when you are piecing a back you want to make sure the nap is running the same way!

Which I didn’t do.


You can kinda tell from this picture. The left side of the back is lighter than the right side. I didn’t notice this until the whole quilt was quilted and almost bound.

It isn’t that noticeable though so I am gonna just shrug my shoulders and say “No one will notice”.

Have you used Snuggle before?

What are your tricks?

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4 thoughts on “Snuggle Quilt

  1. No one would notice because they would be in nirvana from the softness and colors! I am trying to figure out the pattern, as I really like the flower blocks and random lengths.

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