WIP Giraffe Quilt

On Monday I rolled over in bed and checked my phone. Ooh! A text!

It was my boss telling me that I could have a snow day.


I decided to spend the day catching up on projects.

On a crazy whim I decided to work both on getting Hannah’s t-shirt quilt ready to send to the quilter and the giraffe quilt that I posted about here.


(This is me being ocd about making sure all the fabrics are from light to dark…..lets just forget about that this is how they were in the kit)

I actually ended up getting the center done! Working most of the afternoon and into the evening, sewing madly while my family watched the Olympics and trying to keep my little brother Carson off the quilt on the floor, the joys of living in a big family. So much for this being a couple hours baby quilt. It was kinda like following a cross stitch pattern. I am thankful that I was working with fabric not thread……ya know getting off a row is the worst….didn’t happen here!

This baby quilt is so worth it!!!!


Look at how cute this thing is!

Can’t wait to put the borders on!

*Linking up today with Lee at Freshly Pieced!

*I used Bean Counters Pattern “Grow up Tall Giraffe” to make this pattern.


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