My Lovely Vintage Quilt

When I was 14 I was given a quilt.

My great aunt gave it to me while my family was on vacation in Kentucky. Kinda surprising that Aunt Jane Ann would give an heirloom quilt to a 14 year old.

But our family kinda lacks quilters, and I was one of the few.

I had it tucked away in a box with several other quilts and found it when I was rotating a couple. (I like to make the best use of them and change them periodically)

Turns out my family had unknowingly folded it wrong.

When I received this quilt, I read that you need to refold the quilt every couple months and that it is best to fold it on the bias to avoid getting that awful center crease down the middle. This helps save the textiles from more wear and tear than they need.

I refolded it, the right way (well the way that I like this quilt to be folded) and I thought I would take some pictures to show you how I fold my quilts on the bias.


First here is the quilt. Isn’t it lovely?


and the label on the front. As best as I can make out there are two embroidered signatures. The first one says “Angela Reinhart September 29, 1884” and the second signature is “quilted Jan, 1958 Inez Cruse”.

What a treasure!


I just had to take a picture of this block! Can you tell that she had to “make do”???? I have honestly just noticed this since I pulled it out recently and it kinda makes me happy to see living proof that sometimes  you just run out of fabric…

or have to “make do”

Ok now on to the folding.


The first fold I take one of the corners and pulled it diagonally so that it makes a triangle. Because the quilt isn’t square there is going to be a little tail on the end. That’s ok.


The next fold I grab the top right corner. Ya know, the one that is part of the tail, and pull it diagonally so it is even with the bottom edge like so. Now you have a triangle with out a tail.

20140205_121435Next I grabbed the left bottom corner of the triangle and folded the quilt in half so that the left bottom point met the right bottom point.


Next I grabbed the right corner and folded it down so that I could start creating a square which is easier to store than a triangle.


Finally I folded the left corner up to meet the top right corner forming a square.

Voila! You are done!

I try to pull out my quilt every couple months to refold it.

To make sure you aren’t folding on the same creases just start on a different corner. The goal is to make sure that the quilt is folded on the diagonal which is stronger than if it is just folded in the traditional quarters.

I decided to fold my quilt so that the piecing was in the inside to help save the color of the quilt, but if you want to display your quilt lets say in a china hutch folded like this you could just fold the quilt with the pretty side facing out.

You are still helping to save your quilt because its is folded on the bias while you get to enjoy the loveliness of the piecing.

What are some of your favorite vintage quilts?

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Snuggle Quilt

The past week Minnesota has been dumped on. I got a snow day on Monday, Thursday and now today!

On days like this I like to pull out a quilt and curl up with some hand sewing or a new book.

My favorite quilt that I like to curl up with is this quilt that I designed a couple years ago. I haven’t done much designing but that year for my birthday I got a Hoffman Bali pop and it was like inspiration hit.

Ya know how in the cartoons when the lightbulb appears over someone’s head…yup that was me.

I knew that I wanted to put applique flowers in the quilt, so I started doodling and came up with a flowered block.

The quilt sat in my Unfinished pile for several years, but this winter I decided to finish it!

To pamper myself I decided to put cuddle on the back.


(don’t you just love the cute dog in the back???? yup..that’s our lovely farm version of the Bichon Frise)

I was a little worried about quilting such a large quilt with Cuddle but it didn’t end up being that bad.

I just pinned the life out of it, and used a Supreme Slider for the bed of my machine when I quilted. The Supreme Slider made such a huge difference!

I have quilted two other quilts before with cuddle, a baby blanket and a lap quilt and I remember just having trouble with it gliding on the machine.The Supreme Slider helped a ton!

After the quilting was done, I found that I had made the best decision ever!

The cuddle was so soft I couldn’t wait to put the binding one before I used it!

Now I use it all the time, it is my t.v. movie quilt, my snuggle quilt, and in the mornings my Jesus quilt when I pull out my Inductive Study Bible and dive into God’s word.

2014-02-06 22.27.41

(here is my quilt along with my Bible Study bag. It is Amy Butler’s Sunday sling. Love it!)

One thing I learned while making this quilt is that Cuddle is kinda like carpet.

It has nap. If you run your hand along it one way it will be a lighter color and if you run your hand the opposite direction it gets darker.

And when you are piecing a back you want to make sure the nap is running the same way!

Which I didn’t do.


You can kinda tell from this picture. The left side of the back is lighter than the right side. I didn’t notice this until the whole quilt was quilted and almost bound.

It isn’t that noticeable though so I am gonna just shrug my shoulders and say “No one will notice”.

Have you used Snuggle before?

What are your tricks?

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Marathon Training Week 2 and 3

We interrupt these quilting blog posts to give you an update on my marathon training.

The past couple weeks I have been able to run more and more outside.

Yay!!!!!!!!! (mini celebration here! Pardon me while I take a celebratory lap)

People here are still complaining about the weather….we are supposed to get some more snow today, but for me am just thankful that its above zero!

Early in week 2 of training, I did have to run 10 miles on the treadmill. It actually wasn’t half bad. I think running on a treadmill is like anything else in life.

You can get used to it.

Mind you, I am not giving up my stand that running outside is the best, but running on a treadmills has its perks.

Watching a never seen before movie helps too.

As I am finishing up Week 3 of marathon training, I am learning to figure out how schedule my training runs around my busy life. I generally work weekends, and that’s normally when I run my long runs. So whats a girl to do?

For now I am learning to get up super early and just get it done. I know…..not too fun right? In the past I usually would run my long runs in the afternoon after church, but I am finding it is really nice to just get that huge run out of the way so I can enjoy my weekend.

I am going to have to figure out some strategy to fuel up for those early morning runs. I am finding that I get extremely hungry on those morning long runs…….might call for some evening snacking to make up for it. Hm….

On a happier note I ran outside this morning. It was so warm that I had to take off my hat and gloves!

So invigorating!

WIP Giraffe Quilt

On Monday I rolled over in bed and checked my phone. Ooh! A text!

It was my boss telling me that I could have a snow day.


I decided to spend the day catching up on projects.

On a crazy whim I decided to work both on getting Hannah’s t-shirt quilt ready to send to the quilter and the giraffe quilt that I posted about here.


(This is me being ocd about making sure all the fabrics are from light to dark…..lets just forget about that this is how they were in the kit)

I actually ended up getting the center done! Working most of the afternoon and into the evening, sewing madly while my family watched the Olympics and trying to keep my little brother Carson off the quilt on the floor, the joys of living in a big family. So much for this being a couple hours baby quilt. It was kinda like following a cross stitch pattern. I am thankful that I was working with fabric not thread……ya know getting off a row is the worst….didn’t happen here!

This baby quilt is so worth it!!!!


Look at how cute this thing is!

Can’t wait to put the borders on!

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*I used Bean Counters Pattern “Grow up Tall Giraffe” to make this pattern.

Monterrey Medallion

One quilt that I have finished recently is Terry Atkinson’s Monterrey Medallion. A book that she release in 2005 and at the shop where I work we kept getting calls for this book. The cover isn’t too impressive. I kept wondering what is so cool about this quilt????

We would ship out what we could, warning people that there weren’t many books left!

Well looks like Terry fixed that problem! She printed more books!

My boss wanted me to do a new version. When I agreed I had no idea what I was going to make the quilt out of. I decided that I wanted to do something with batiks….because well they are one of my favorites.

But I also wanted to try to mix batiks and cottons like Edyta Sitar at Laundry Basket Quilts does.

The shop happened to just have gotten in Laundry Basket quilts’ newest line so I decided to mix her batiks with some of our Jo Mortons

This is how it turned out!


I have made several quilts for the shop but I don’t think I have made a quilt before that was this popular.

The kits are literally flying off the shelves!

What are some quilts that you have made that are winners?

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A Little Sunshine

When it’s the middle of winter sometimes you need a little sunshine.

You need some color.

Something to brighten up the cold dark days.

I decided to brighten up my days and get stitching on this old UFO!

Just pulling out the blocks getting ready for a sew-in made me so much happier!

Why doesn’t fabric give out Vitamin D?????


I was able to sew all these sunshine blocks together and get the quilt almost quilted in one sew-in evening.

That’s an accomplishment because ya’ll know how hard it is to sew when you are talking!
2014-02-05 09.13.58

The pattern I used was Nash from Miss Rosie’s Quilt company. I love how it turns out different every time! To see a different version click here!

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Marathon Training….Week One

Today I started my first week of marathon training…….on a treadmill.

I had expected to be able to run outside…..but when I checked the temps this morning….it was -18 degrees outside. Nope…..not gonna happen.

Needless to say I wasn’t very excited to have to run inside, but I am so glad that we have a treadmill especially this cold cold winter otherwise training and maintaining would have been non existent!

My first week of training started with an 8 mile run. The farthest I have ever run on a treadmill. I was wondering how I was going to stand it. Last week when I ran 6 miles on the treadmill I thought I was going to faint. A feeling I never have when running outside but for some reason a treadmill makes me feel disoriented when I get off and my legs feel like jelly.

Here is how I was able to endure 8 miles on a treadmill.

  1.  Keep water by the treadmill
  2.  Kleenex is also essential. You will need this to wipe your face.
  3. Make sure you have music
  4. And movies (you will need variety)
  5. Pandora is also nice.
  6. Mix it up….and get off the treadmill and take mini 5 second breaks. Trust me it helps a ton!
  7. Set goals…..playing mind games with yourself works wonders. If you convince yourself that mile 5 is practically done…..and 6 you can almost call yourself finished because 2 miles really isn’t that far… can sprint that! Believe me that is the best part!
  8. Don’t give up….and you will feel so accomplished!

The first week of marathon training is usually pretty easy…..but it builds pretty fast….thankfully I always follow the same form of training plan no matter whether I am in training or not so that when I do start training all that involves is bumping up mileage in different places. My favorite running book is Running for Women by Claire Kowalchik. A running friend gave me one as a surprise when she heard that I was going to run my first marathon. It has been a life saver and I keep going back to it for running advice and training plans. I will use it again this training season.

Why fix something if it isn’t broken?

Happy running and make sure you replace those calories! (preaching to the choir here!)