Hump Day!!!

On Wednesdays, we always ask my little brother Carson, “What day is it?”. He goes through a couple different guesses……and he will tell us three descriptions of what Wednesday is….in his world, Wednesday is bath day, church day, and hUUUUUmp Day! (read it like that camel in the commercial) So today is Wednesday…..hump day. If you want to see some stinkin’ cute pictures of my sassy little brother, head over to my sister Hannah’s blog
I just about died with how cute the pictures were. Really I did!

I just want to warn everyone now that I am really bad at blogging…….I do it for awhile but then I stop… hope and pray with me that I will keep going! This time is different though….I have a word document with ideas for future blog posts! Yay!

Also because its Wednesday that also means its work in progress Wednesday!!!

Here are some of my projects that are in progress…..just so you know this is just some of them…. I am always starting new ones and always working on old ones.


Started this last night. Its been awhile since I have worked with wool. Excited to show you more pictures as  the project progresses!


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