its been a looong time…..

I guess that’s what happens when life catches up to you.

Life has been a blur lately. I am now working full time at The Noble Quilter. I love it soooo much…..I can’t believe that I have my dream job and I am not even twenty yet!!! (don’t even think about mentioning that I set my goals to low)

In October I went to International quilt market with my boss. I loved it and can’t wait to go again. I saw sooooo many things. I even met or stalked(I am really a shy person when it comes to meeting people) my favorite designers. The only downside was that my brain couldn’t hold it all. There was just so much to see. If I get to go again I will be more prepared. I will know a little bit better about what  kind of universe I am descending into when that plane lands. 🙂

Another big thing in my quilting life right now is that I joined a Wool Block of the Month….and it starts next week!!!!! Linda Hohag of Brandywine Designs just came out with a gorgeous new wool Block of the Month and it’s only at my shop!(click here if you want to see a picture) 😀 At first I wasn’t to interested in it…but then I learned how long I am gonna be in planes next year and I changed my mind….plane rides are perfect for handwork!  So now I can’t wait for next Tuesday to roll around. It’s been a long time since I have taken a class! (did I mention that Linda Hohag is teaching….aaah!!! She is such a sweet heart!)

Well I should  close…the sewing machine is calling me! I must try to get some sewing in before sister movie night starts!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!




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