Purple and Gold

Today while I was at work a customer asked me if I like the Vikings.

I was so surprised by the question that I looked down at my light brown plaid dress trying to see where she saw  purple and gold.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“I asked if you liked the Vikings” she responded. “Cause they are twenty ahead!”

I was still a little startled so I just said, “Nope I am from Nebraska”

Now I must clarify here that I am not really into sports.

At all.

But I was born in Nebraska. Even though I don’t know much about sports I do know that if you are from Nebraska you stick to the Huskers like glue.

So my family who hasn’t lived in Nebraska since I was really little still sticks really close to our “home team”.

We all have our Nebraska red. Even my toddler brother.

So I guess I just assumed that this customer who I don’t ever remember meeting before knew that I was a Husker fan.

In my subconscious I must have thought “why would you ask such a question…c’mon why would I be wearing purple when I could wear red!”

Anyway……I was going to sum this experience up in a Facebook status. But you always have to abbreviate Facebook statuses….they are never as good as you think they could be.

So I thought I would blog about it.

But here’s my whack at the Facebook status.

“You have to be from Nebraska if someone asks you if you like the Vikings and you wonder where in the wonky world do they see purple and gold in your outfit”


Thanks for reading 🙂






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