New Shoes!

Yesterday I was delighted when my boss let me off early.

I had been planning ahead in my mind when I would be able to go get new running shoes and the time had not been opening up. Well at least any time soon.

Until I was let off early.

I had heard of a good running store by a running friend of mine so I pulled out my gps and headed down to the cities.

I wanted to get fitted again. I had been fitted several years ago in Lincoln Nebraska but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that I was in the right shoe.

I walked out of that store with the exact pair of running shoes I had on my feet.

I have Saucony’s Omni Progrid 9 for stability. Apparently I don’t pronate at all but I have flat feet so I need the stability in case when my feet get tired they start pronating.

Even though I walked out with the same shoe I had to take pictures before I tried them out on a run.

This was the first time I think I have ever used the timer on my camera. Can you tell?

Oh and last night while my family was watching the Huskers football game I was able to work on my quilt.

See the smilie face? 🙂


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