Ordinary People

As I drove into the parking lot at work this morning, I saw the UPS truck parked outside our building.

It was delivering boxes to the Pearl Vision next door.

As I parked my car and got out, I saw Dennis, our favorite UPS driver carrying a tall stack of small boxes into the store.

“Wow those are small boxes,” I though

“I wonder if he has anything for us today.”

As Dennis carried the boxes into the store,I walked to the door of the quilt shop and let myself in.

Sure enough five minutes later Dennis was outside the door with three boxes.

Big ones.

But as I walked back out of the shop to run an errand, it wasn’t the prospective fabric that was on my mind.

It was Dennis.

Here is this man who is a simple UPS driver. He isn’t a big executive at a major corporation. I bet he doesn’t even have an office.

He is simply a driver.

That’s what you or I would see if we saw him driving down the highway or in a neighborhood making deliveries.

But what we see on the highway just puts Dennis into a group. A group that collectively isn’t thought about very often. In our society UPS drivers aren’t highly esteemed or valued.

What a shame.

Dennis is so much more.

Here is a guy that is cheerful and friendly.

I rarely ever see him without a smile on his face and he usually asks me how I am doing.

That smile and friendly attitude is worth so much more than a huge corporate job.

So many people strive for that perfect career. Our world gives us the impression that your importance is based on your job.

That is such a lie.

You will be remembered more for your smile than how important your job is.

I pray that you and I will remember Dennis as we come up to tasks that the world think as menial.

I hope that we remember Dennis is special not because of what job he has but because he doesn’t care and works with a smile no matter what the occasion.

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