One Little Step at a Time

I was able to work on my Amazon Star again last night.

For some reason I didn’t get overwhelmed. I think it helped to just think about the quilt step by step and not think of how long and how many tears I might shed over this quilt.

Every day life is a lot like that. If we start thinking about how much we have to do today, this week, this month we can get totally overwhelmed and not even have the will power to get through today. I am so glad Jesus told us to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Jesus is able to handle whats gonna happen tomorrow….or even in the next hour.

So last night I just focused on what I could work on during the time that I had.

And guess what? I got all the washing done, and all the paper piecing templates are cut out! I even got to spend awesome time with the family and get a bike ride in. 🙂

Oh and yes..all the ironing is done too…..the fabric is all pressed and folded ready to be cut out. 🙂


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