A Blue Ribbon Winner!!

This past week our nearby County Fair was in full swing.

I managed to enter a few items in the open class barn. It was just items that I had finished this past year….a quilt, an apron and other sundry items. I wasn’t expecting much. I haven’t had a big record in my open class endeavors and because of my age I was in a huge age group.

I also entered the purse I told you that I was going to make in my last post.

It turns out that the judge must have liked it cause I got Reserved Champion! Second place in the whole clothing category!!!!

Tonight I went to go pick up my projects and I realized that I got blues in everything I entered!! That kinda made my day.

I was so impatient to use my new purse that after I finished it on Sunday, I used it Monday and Tuesday before I had to turn it in to the fair on Wednesday. I could hardly wait to get it back today. 🙂 Now I can use my sparkly new purse 🙂


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