Fourth of July!

Fourth of July!

Posted on July 4, 2011 by Jess

As I look toward my left I can look out a window that is pointed toward the outside world

A world that is very familiar to me but I have lately not been able to enjoy as much as I used to. I am growing up which in my case means being gone from home a lot. So I savor being home so much more!

I have thoroughly enjoyed these past two days I have spent at home with my family. Though according to my standards I haven’t done much. I have filled these two days with reading, sewing(when I should have been quilting a quilt), running, resting, and swimming with my baby brother in the kiddie pool. Don’t laugh……sitting in four inches of water can count as swimming especially since I did some splashing here and there.

Many times in the years past we have gone to Nebraska to celebrate the 4th with a big family get together that involved swimming,(this usually didn’t involve swimming in a kiddie pool) volleyball, homemade ice cream and fire works. I loved having that full day with the family but just being home is so restful in spite today being a holiday.

Tomorrow I will go back to work and jump right back into my busy schedule.

But I will be able to apply myself more vigorously to tasks assigned and hopefully have a better attitude about it than I would if I hadn’t had these past two days at home.

Have a Blessed 4th!!!!


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