Running in the Rain

I had might as well say it. I have another passion besides quilting.

Yes…in fact I have many others. So bear with me when I want to steer away from posts about quilting to my other passions.

This Sunday I am running my first marathon. I am so excited and nervous.

Every run lately, my mind is full of thoughts about the marathon. How fast I will go. What it will be like. How I should really really try to run slow the first half. And the pain. Well for the last one I try not to think to much about.

Since last September I have trained and dreamed about this race. There were times when I lost my focus but I was always brought back, “I am running a marathon no matter what it takes.”

Through it all I have learned a lot about running. I think the most important thing is that running should be fun. I know..I know…believe me its a lot of hard work and there are times when I am wondering how in the world I got to this point of insanity.

But running is not always hard work. Like this morning. I got up and headed outside for a quick two miler. I was a little stiff at first which made me a little worried about the beginning of the marathon, but I soon loosened up. Then about a half mile into the run, it started to rain. There isn’t anything I like better about running conditions than running in the rain. Especially on a morning like today. It was rather humid and cloudy but it  looked like it could clear up. It was hot the day before and it looked like today could be a mirror image of yesterday. But when it started raining it was like it was washing all of that away.

It made the world say good bye to the previous day, all of that humidity and those hovering clouds.

But that wasn’t all it did. That rain gave me a sense of freedom. I love running in hard or abnormal conditions. Maybe its the sense of accomplishment that I beat the weather and ran anyway. Or it just makes me feel like a little girl again when I thought nothing of  jumping into mud puddles and dancing in the ran. Whatever the feeling, it made my run much more enjoyable and like Kathrine Switzer, the woman who helped make marathoning possible for women has written “ makes me feel like a hero.”


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