Who Would Have Thought?

Nine months ago I was offered a job.

A job that was to me a dream far in existence.

Talking about it with my mom the night before we both dismissed the idea as unlikely.

Still the next day I walked into this place of business filled with color and life.

I was offered a job.

It started out as just Saturdays but quickly morphed into twice a week.

Now nine months later I am working almost full time.

This is a job at my local quilt shop. My dream job.

Who would have thought that a girl not even out of highschool would get her dream job without even going to college!

I say “Praise the Lord!”

Besides where else can you be surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow without even looking outside!?


2 thoughts on “Who Would Have Thought?

  1. Hey Jess!
    I saw you had a blog thru face book! I’ll put you as a ‘friend across the fence’ on my blog! ;D
    Very nice post! I have always thought a craft/fabric store would be a fun job. What is the name of the shop?

    • Jess says:

      Thanks! I just started it! 😀 The name of the shop is the Noble Quilter 🙂
      I have so much fun working there!
      🙂 I will have to check your blog out!

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