I thought I Might Start With an UFO

What’s a UFO you ask?

Well, its an UnFinished Object

And yes, though I am only eighteen I have UFO’s

This particular one was my first Block of the Month.  I was around the age of 13 or 14 when I pieced it.

Pretty impressive huh?

Yeah, well I didn’t think so when I was blindly pushing and pulling this quilt through my small sewing machine naively freehand quilting and quilting in the ditch.  Inevitably I got frustrated when I flipped the quilt only to discover that the back was full of puckers.  So I folded the little huge bugger and put it in my bedroom closet.

I pulled it out again tonight some years later. I now have a little more experience quilting my finished tops on my mom’s little machine (as a high school student I don’t have the money to always send my quilts out to a long arm quilter)

As I gazed at my quilting I am encouraged by how brave I was then. Endeavoring freehand patterns that I now wouldn’t even try for fear of ruining something.

Heartened by how little quilting I have left to do – I think I will try to finally finish it. But before I do, I think will tape that quilt to our huge tiled floor and pin like crazy!!!!!!


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