Running in the Rain

I had might as well say it. I have another passion besides quilting.

Yes…in fact I have many others. So bear with me when I want to steer away from posts about quilting to my other passions.

This Sunday I am running my first marathon. I am so excited and nervous.

Every run lately, my mind is full of thoughts about the marathon. How fast I will go. What it will be like. How I should really really try to run slow the first half. And the pain. Well for the last one I try not to think to much about.

Since last September I have trained and dreamed about this race. There were times when I lost my focus but I was always brought back, “I am running a marathon no matter what it takes.”

Through it all I have learned a lot about running. I think the most important thing is that running should be fun. I know..I know…believe me its a lot of hard work and there are times when I am wondering how in the world I got to this point of insanity.

But running is not always hard work. Like this morning. I got up and headed outside for a quick two miler. I was a little stiff at first which made me a little worried about the beginning of the marathon, but I soon loosened up. Then about a half mile into the run, it started to rain. There isn’t anything I like better about running conditions than running in the rain. Especially on a morning like today. It was rather humid and cloudy but it  looked like it could clear up. It was hot the day before and it looked like today could be a mirror image of yesterday. But when it started raining it was like it was washing all of that away.

It made the world say good bye to the previous day, all of that humidity and those hovering clouds.

But that wasn’t all it did. That rain gave me a sense of freedom. I love running in hard or abnormal conditions. Maybe its the sense of accomplishment that I beat the weather and ran anyway. Or it just makes me feel like a little girl again when I thought nothing of  jumping into mud puddles and dancing in the ran. Whatever the feeling, it made my run much more enjoyable and like Kathrine Switzer, the woman who helped make marathoning possible for women has written “ makes me feel like a hero.”


Glorified Tie-Dye (A.K.A Batiks)

Ever since I was a young quilter I have loved batiks.

My first recollection of them was when I was entranced by a quilt made up in bright batiks. Maybe it was just the unique pattern. It could have been the color combination but all I know is that I was hooked.

This love has expanded to such a degree that I will look upon a day at work as a good one if I get to work with batiks.

Almost every batik I pick up gives me a secret delight. Each piece is uniquely beautiful in its own way. Hand-dyed in exotic countries like India and Indonesia, each piece is different due to the dying process. Even with the same piece the variance of tone and color can be so different contrasting sharply with the ordinary cottons that quilters have within their reach to use.

When a customer comes in to the shop on a mission to pick out a new quilt, I almost always lead them to our batik section.  They are on the top of my list when picking out a quilt for a customer. With batiks I am the most comfortable for almost without trying I can pull fabrics that blend beautifully together.

I have noticed that with new quilters, batiks can be rather a scary field to dive into. I wonder if they view them as a breed of fabrics with colors and patterns that only a certain type of quilter can tame. Sometimes though I can help out with dispelling that fear by pulling a quilt for them. They usually leave happy. 🙂

As of now I really don’t have a stash of batiks…I think one day I will.

But for now I will have to content myself looking at the batiks at work…besides..there is no way I could have a batik stash that impressive!


We needed a quilt for a benefit.

Mom gave me leave to make anything in her stash. (hehe)

I found Nash, a Schnibble from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company. (uses charm packs..that’s a plus)

It was already cut out and ready to sew (another plus!)

So I was able to quickly piece it. It was a good break from all the little non quilting projects I have been doing lately.

Then came the quilting. Normally I would just meander the whole thing, but after looking at how the quilting was done on the pattern picture and getting encouragement from my mom and my earlier efforts on a much larger quilt, I decided to dive right in and step outside my comfort zone.

I am so glad I did!

My mom didn’t have the heart to give this one away(it matched our house perfectly)

We will have to give another finished quilt away. 🙂

Who Could Resist?

8 months ago my mom had a baby.

My parents weren’t planning on having another one.

The Christmas before he was born mom was craving something new.

In desperation she told my dad, “Dog or baby”.

He scrambled for the classifieds.

Soon we bought a dog from a rescue shelter.

But God has a sense of humor.

He smiled down on us and said “Both”

The same weekend that we brought the dog home my mom found out she was pregnant.

Nine months later my three sisters, brother and I met our new baby brother for the first time.

How small and adorable he was.

We couldn’t keep our eyes or hands off of him.

Now little brother is almost 8 months old.

He find himself in a family who would do almost anything to make him smile

Besides who could resist dancing crazily if it would make this little one smile

Who Would Have Thought?

Nine months ago I was offered a job.

A job that was to me a dream far in existence.

Talking about it with my mom the night before we both dismissed the idea as unlikely.

Still the next day I walked into this place of business filled with color and life.

I was offered a job.

It started out as just Saturdays but quickly morphed into twice a week.

Now nine months later I am working almost full time.

This is a job at my local quilt shop. My dream job.

Who would have thought that a girl not even out of highschool would get her dream job without even going to college!

I say “Praise the Lord!”

Besides where else can you be surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow without even looking outside!?

I thought I Might Start With an UFO

What’s a UFO you ask?

Well, its an UnFinished Object

And yes, though I am only eighteen I have UFO’s

This particular one was my first Block of the Month.  I was around the age of 13 or 14 when I pieced it.

Pretty impressive huh?

Yeah, well I didn’t think so when I was blindly pushing and pulling this quilt through my small sewing machine naively freehand quilting and quilting in the ditch.  Inevitably I got frustrated when I flipped the quilt only to discover that the back was full of puckers.  So I folded the little huge bugger and put it in my bedroom closet.

I pulled it out again tonight some years later. I now have a little more experience quilting my finished tops on my mom’s little machine (as a high school student I don’t have the money to always send my quilts out to a long arm quilter)

As I gazed at my quilting I am encouraged by how brave I was then. Endeavoring freehand patterns that I now wouldn’t even try for fear of ruining something.

Heartened by how little quilting I have left to do – I think I will try to finally finish it. But before I do, I think will tape that quilt to our huge tiled floor and pin like crazy!!!!!!